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Welcome to the Peppermill Wiki, a wiki hosted by and maintained (but hopefully not solely by) Todd Pederzani to organize and make available to the public information about peppermills. Not just any peppermills, but mostly Dansk Designs pepper mills designed by Jens Harald Quistgaard. Many of them were made in Denmark, so they're technically Danish pepper mills (though Dansk Designs has always been an American company.) The designs, from what I understand, belong to the "mid-century modern" era/style/period. Many of the mills are made out of Siamese teak, most in solid pieces and but some out of staved teak (a process that Nissen came up with, derived from barrel making), though some are made out of Wenge, Mutenye, Palisander, Coco Bola, or Pao Rosa. Although I have a heavy focus on Dansk pepper grinders, I expect some Nissen, Digsmed Design, and Lauffer pepper mills to be covered as well.

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